Web-UI Not Showing Profiles

So, I’ve been running an FTB Inventions server for myself and a few friends and had to go on vacation so I turned off the server.

Came back and turned on the server and the profile was missing and can’t even see profiles on the profiles tab.

I’ve tried Updating/Reseting the webui according to this article.

I even tried to make a new VM of MineOS to no avail, it didn’t show any profiles either.

Thanks for any tips or tricks in solving this!

Please provide logs and sceenshots for us to be able to help you.

We really don’t want to recommend manually rebuilding a server–more importantly, I want to discourage the notion that anyone would need to “eventually” even have to, even after exhausting all other possible routes; the MineOS webui is merely a single application… and it’s not very invasive. In the event it doesn’t work properly, there’s probably a way to identify it and rectify it without having to lose all the time put into configuring the rest of the system.

I have fixed this just now in a new commit.

The problem is that one of the profiles, “Mianite” has changed their JSON profile list to now include…kinda useless information which broke the parsing.

They added ‘runs’ and ‘downloads’:

   { download: 'http://solder.endermedia.com/repository/downloads/realm-of-mianite/realm-of-mianite_1.1.2RC1.zip',
     name: 'Realm of Mianite',
     version: '1.1.2RC1',
     version_tag: '' },
   { download: 'http://solder.endermedia.com/repository/downloads/realm-of-mianite/Mianite-Server-1.1.0.zip',
     name: 'Realm of Mianite',
     version: 'Mianite-Server-1.1.0',
     version_tag: '' },
  runs: ' 2M',                    // this was added
  downloads: 329000 }             // and so was this

It is terribly useless information for Minecraft server admins, but they added it anyway. I’ve fixed it so that the profile is more robust to changes like this in the future. Update using the normal update instructions and restart the webui and you should be good to go.

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Thank you! Updating it once again worked perfectly.