Web UI Inaccessible

I am running MineOS via a plugin on FreeNAS. At first a couple weeks ago, it ran perfectly fine, then at some point it just began crashing and turning itself off at seemingly random times.

I recreated the jail/plugin/server so many times trying to resolve it, but I could not.

Now, I have not done anything, yet I can not even access the login page for the Web UI (yes, the IP and port are correct, it I turn the plugin off while the page is attempting to load, it will time out immediately, wheras if I leave it trying to connect it will take longer, but still eventually fail to connect.

Here is some of the mineos.log from the last couple of days, hopefully it helps. I can provide any more logs or info if necessary.


You can see near the bottom, I edited the config file manually to not start the server automatically, as the server is already running I thought when starting the MineOS plugin, it was possibly attempting to start the server that was already still running, however that did not work either.

Thank you.

:“uncaughtException: Object #< Object > has no method ‘parse’”

This error is caused by using an old version of node. The author of the MineOS plugin is working on it currently: https://github.com/hexparrot/mineos-node/issues/95

Modern commits require 4.0.0 node or higher, where you’re on 0.10.x, I believe.

There’s a stopgap solution you can use by downgrading your commit to https://github.com/hexparrot/mineos-node/releases/tag/v1.1.2 (and by deleting and rebuilding your node modules), up until the author Joshua Reulig can get the MineOS plugin up and working with 4.0+.

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I think that stuff is far beyond my abilities right now.

I went ingame and did /restart, but the server did not start back up after shutting down. Now that I can’t access the mineOS web UI, I am unable to start it back up.

can anyone help please? I tried navigating to the server.jar in the minecraft plugin’s jail shell, and issuing a normal start command like ‘java -Xmx1024M -Xms4096M -Djava.nio.channels.spi.SelectorProvider=sun.nio.ch.PollSelectorProvider -jar spigot-1.8.8.jar nogui’ or some variation, but it just tells me java not found.

The command to downgrade your commit is:

git checkout c576847

This should be executed in the Minecraft script directory, which is …different I guess in the FreeNAS plugin. If you don’t think you can manage the downgrading/upgrading node, I recommend not using FreeNAS until the plugin author gets the plugin node v4.0 ready. In the meantime, there are numerous alternatives:

  1. installing any OS and following the instructions on the wiki or
  2. using MineOS Turnkey, the distro I support and maintain.

MineOS as a FreeNAS plugin is great, but it’s in a particular state at this moment that makes it not ideal for those who don’t feel comfy tinkering with the filesystems and such. Soon (as in hopefully within a week or two), the FreeNAS plugin will be again a very simple way to get MineOS running when it comes shipped with Node v4.0

TLDR; don’t use the FreeNAS plugin until it is updated by the plugin author Joshua Reulig; use literally any other method for now.

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Thanks for the help, hexparrot.

I thought re-installing the plugin would use the most up to date version, but apparently not, so I installed it again in a new jail and everything was fine, obviously i’m using an outdated version now and these bug(s) may be fixed, but after a couple hours the web-ui become unresponsive again. Here’s the entire mineos.log


why would dynmap be showing up in the mineos log? as far as I’m aware they shouldn’t be interacting at all - I saw another post that said dynmap could be the cause of it not working, so on my last install I stopped the server, removed dynmap, and still could not access the webui.

Based on my log there, is there anything I can do manually editing a file somewhere to get it working again in the meantime while I wait for the plugin to be updated?

Thanks again.

Interesting find. Indeed, they shouldn’t be interacting. What that log is showing is that MineOS was trying to find out the disk usage of the path /var/games/minecraft/servers/PWiki. Unfortunately, I guess in the process a file it was trying to get the disk usage stats for was deleted.

I’ll look into this because the disk usage module should be able to handle deleted files more gracefully.

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nice, good to know i’m not just being a pain in the ass here