Web ui doesn't seem to match the version in the video

Hi all,

i downloaded and installed the mineos 64bit iso from the main website today.

all went well and working, but i seem to be missing a lot of features that are shown in the youtube video.

Like the java settings for each server and also the other options including open to lan.

i can see in the video that the dashboard says 1.2.2 i don’t even have that show up on mine.

Here is a pic of my dashboard Pic 1

I have tried the update scipt that is on the wiki but with no such luck.

can anyone help me to update the ui? or point me to the correct information?



That is entirely my fault!

Seems I missed updating those two URLs to the new ISO I made.

There’s two different interfaces, one written in Python (the new one you have) and one written in Node.js. I’ve corrected the URL so that the main website now would link you to the new webui, but you’ll have to download it now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Ok thank you very much i will download tomorrow and reinstall

Is there a way to update a prexisting install? I’ve had my servers running for 6 months or so, I definitely don’t want to download and reinstall the entire OS. It seems I have the “old” UI. It seems to do what I need, though, so I don’t know what I’m missing.

check out this post from ElPres below (follow the link for the install steps) HOW TO: install MINEOS-NODE on UBUNTU SERVER 14.04.2

I may look at this in the future, I would assume that the process would be

shutdown all servers
backup all servers and copy tar.gz different directory (just in case)
sudo service mineos stop (if i remember correctly)
sudo rm /usr/games/minecraft
sudo rm /etc/init.d/mineos
sudo rm /etc/init.d/minecraft
Then follow the directions to install new one, hopefully it picks up everything and just works but in case it doesn’t you can always import the backups you made.

Be sure that you run node WebUI with sudo

sudo node webui.js