Web-UI Can Create Servers But Not Start Them

Hi all,

Running MineOS as a service on Ubuntu 18.04. I just updated the scripts via sudo /bin/bash update_webui.sh and now it will not start servers when clicking the Start button. I can see it trying to in mineos.log:

{“level”:“info”,“message”:"[WEBUI] marmo connected from",“timestamp”:“2020-02-07T23:38:10.105Z”} {“0”:“de_DE”,“1”:“en_US”,“2”:“fr_FR”,“3”:“it_IT”,“4”:“ja_JP”,“5”:“no_NB”,“6”:“ru_RU”,“7”:“sv_SE”,“level”:“info”,“messag${“level”:“info”,“message”:”[wagons_west] marmo ( joined server namespace",“timestamp”:"2020-02-07T23:38:${“level”:“info”,“message”:“Downloaded information for collection: Mojang Official Minecraft Jars (441 entries)”,"timest${“level”:“info”,“message”:“Downloaded information for collection: Feed the Beast Server Packs (566 entries)”,"timestamp${“level”:“info”,“message”:“Downloaded information for collection: PaperSpigot (5 entries)”,“timestamp”:"2020-02-07T23:3${“level”:“info”,“message”:“Downloaded information for collection: Spigot (1 entries)”,“timestamp”:"2020-02-07T23:38:10.${“level”:“info”,“message”:“Downloaded information for collection: Imagicalmine (1 entries)”,“timestamp”:“2020-02-07T23:${“level”:“info”,“message”:“Downloaded information for collection: Feed the Beast Third-Party Server Packs (278 entries)${“level”:“info”,“message”:“Downloaded information for collection: Forge Mod (42 entries)”,“timestamp”:“2020-02-07T23:38${“level”:“info”,“message”:“Downloaded information for collection: SpongeVanilla (0 entries)”,“timestamp”:“2020-02-07T23${“level”:“info”,“message”:“Downloaded information for collection: BungeeCord (10 entries)”,“timestamp”:“2020-02-07T23:3${“level”:“info”,“message”:“Downloaded information for collection: Nukkit (2 entries)”,“timestamp”:“2020-02-07T23:38:13.${“level”:“info”,“message”:“Downloaded information for collection: Cuberite C++ Server (4 entries)”,“timestamp”:“2020-02${“level”:“info”,“message”:“Downloaded information for collection: Mianite (23 entries)”,“timestamp”:“2020-02-07T23:38:1${“level”:“info”,“message”:”[WEBUI] marmo connected from”,“timestamp”:“2020-02-07T23:38:21.542Z”} {“0”:“de_DE”,“1”:“en_US”,“2”:“fr_FR”,“3”:“it_IT”,“4”:“ja_JP”,“5”:“no_NB”,“6”:“ru_RU”,“7”:“sv_SE”,“level”:“info”,“messag${“level”:“info”,“message”:”[wagons_west] marmo ( joined server namespace”,“timestamp”:“2020-02-07T23:38:${“level”:“info”,“message”:”[wagons_west] issued command : “modify_sc””,“timestamp”:“2020-02-07T23:38:3${“level”:“info”,“message”:”[wagons_west] received request “modify_sc””,“timestamp”:“2020-02-07T23:38:33.354Z”} {“level”:“info”,“message”:”[wagons_west] issued command : “start””,“timestamp”:“2020-02-07T23:39:36.18${“level”:“info”,“message”:”[wagons_west] received request “start””,“timestamp”:“2020-02-07T23:39:36.187Z”}

And nothing follows. Checked elsewhere in the forum-- disk space is fine, permissions are as they should be (server directory and backup directory are owned by marmo:minecraft and not root). The server log shows no activity unless I start the server manually from the console. Past issues I’ve been able to troubleshoot myself, but here I’m at a bit of a loss. I’d appreciate any help I can get.

It’s not a bug as such, mere an artifact in minecraft servers due to language choices.

Your server start halts on a prompt for what language your server should run in. There are a couple of ways to handle this onetime event (it will happen untill you give it the answer it waits for, then not again for that server):

  1. Press start. Go to te log window. Wait until the language output appears, then select the one you want (by typing the apropriate number, and enter). This usually fixes it for me

  2. Start the server manually in a shell, then do the above thing there instead. Then stop the server. You can now start it normally in MineOS

Starting the server manually doesn’t seem to give any such prompt. It starts successfully, uninterrupted. If I start it via the web UI, there is no activity in the log window.

How sure are you that all the files within are owned by marmo:minecraft and not even a single file by root?

Being able to start from the console but not the webui is almost the literal perfect storm of situations when the permissions are off.

Take in mind, not all files need to be unopenable, unwritable. If even one file Minecraft tries to open/edit during operation fails, then that’s enough.

la -la /var/games/minecraft/servers/wagons_west/*

Can confirm, I ran the command that you specified and all files and subdirectories are owned by marmo:minecraft. Everything has read/write permissons for the owner. I only admin the server as “marmo” both through the shell and the webui.

through the shell

Is the part I’m alarmed by. I guess I recommend starting the server manually as marmo from the shell.

I kind of very much expect it to fail, and that you can share the Minecraft logs. I’m really expecting the error to be very easily found within the first 2 seconds of trying to start up Minecraft manually.

Either that, or the startup options (java) you put in the webui are invalid, so that would also be something worth looking at, to see if there’s something outright stopping the webui from invoking MC.

I start the server manually using: java -XX:+UseG1GC -Xmx4G -Xms4G -jar forge-1.12.2- -nogui and it starts successfully. I’m able to log into it once it’s up. It’s modded, so there are mods that issue warnings or throw errors during startup, but nothing that prevents it from starting. Which logs do you need to see?

Update: cleared my Java args from the webui and copied them from the command that was working, except for the memory allocation. The webui is now successfully starting the server. Sorry for the trouble!

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No problem, glad you got it working!