Vpn help connection issues

Is there a way to set up a vpn on the mineos server so me and my friends can play on the server together. like hamachi or ZeroTier. I have tried both but I can’t seem to get it to work. when I turned on broadcast to lan I see the server but my friend doesn’t I have tired to port forward the port number but it doesn’t work. Help.

If you have set up port forwarding you do not veed VPN, but for simplicity you could use a dynamic DNS service.

Remember that your friend, that logs on from the outside of your LAN, needs to use your external IP-address, not your internal. You can check your external IP-address here: http://whatip.me/

Assuming you’re attempting to play with your friend without port forwarding using Hamachi (or something similar) and you have a separate dedicated server on your network along with the computer you’ll be playing on, achieving this might just be just a tad bit complicated but I’d assume that you’d have to bridge your virtual Hamachi adapter with whatever real physical adapter you have in use as well as setup and configure custom IPs to be used (maybe/probably/likely), and overall this configuration would likely also introduce additional latency, and overall I would not recommend going this route over simply port forwarding for more “direct” connections and calling it a day, using whitelisting if random people possibly joining is a concern of yours.

Ok let me explain what i have done. I first tried to get hamachi to work i had luck with it like over 6 months ago playing on my friends world when he opened it to lan. since then i have reinstalled my PC’s OS and now hamachi is broken so i can’t even log in (after i had installed it to both my pc and the server). I began to look into ZeroTier and installed it to both my pc and server and told my friend to install it and he couldn’t see the server when i had it broadcast to lan it only broadcast on my local network instead of the vpn. so i tried to get the server to go thru the network like a normal server i opened the port 25565 like it wanted but still none thing.

if you need to look at what my network looks like here is my drawing of it.

Me and my room mate use his phone for internet so that might be a problem but I’m not sure.

I know this already.


yes. you helped me with the one problem i was having.

have not tried that yet willing to give it a try

ok but im haing trouble with port forwarding.

i was going to set up a white list once i get it working.