Votifier connection to voting site (port forwarding)

Hello everyone

I came against a new problem. I was trying to install votifier but it wont work.
I tried to open my ports and I set up some rules:
Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
target prot opt source destination
ACCEPT tcp – !localhost.localdomain anywhere tcp dpt:8192
DROP tcp – !omgserv-66923 anywhere tcp dpts:25566:25580
ACCEPT tcp – anywhere anywhere tcp dpt:8192

Chain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT)
target prot opt source destination

Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)
target prot opt source destination

I need port 8192 to be open. But after all, when I use a website to check for open ports, it seems to be closed.

Thanks in advance!

Try permitting all traffic in IPtables.

If doing so makes votifier work, you know the mod itself is working. If it doesn’t work, then your problem lies somewhere other than the firewall.

If the mod is working, you can then reapply each rule in succession until it stops working and you’ll find out which rule was the offending one. Based on the rules you’re showing though, unless votifier is in the DROP tcp rule (which it probably isn’t), it suggests the problem isn’t the firewall to begin with.

^ this means ‘let everything through’ unless it’s dropped in a rule below. In other words, it’s probably not the firewall, but instead the service that you’re running is probably not reaching your server (port forwarding in your router is most likely).

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When I open my ports, cracked clients will have a free game… I already got hacked tree times!

Opening ports has nothing to do with whether or not cracked clients can join. Ports have to be open to let in legitimate traffic too. You and I have been over this before.

There is a really easy fix for that. In your server.properties set this setting to true:

This setting cheks EVERY user agains Mojang (and Minecraft’s) user base to see if the client has a valid mojang username and login. This also means you have to demand that everyone connecting yo your server has an original, bougth client, even though it has been modded.

In addition to onlinemode, activate white-listing:
This means that no one other than the client’s you have authorized, and that has a valid Mojang Account, can access your server.

I would most definately say that a game all of you play enough to need your own private server, at least when you have been playing it for this long, is worth the price to buy it.

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So i have a problem with votifier too i have it installed it just isnt working when i got to a testing vote server a tutorial would be nice.

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