Very new to MineOS, can someone help me set up Vanilla 1.11.2

I have not used MineOS in months and am confused on how to create a 1.11.2 server for my friends and I to play on, I started by making a profile with those settings. When I clicked download on that profile it came up with a red wall of text and now I’m stuck, sorry I’m a big noob.

The MineOS ISO you’re using is the Python-based webui, which has not been updated or maintained for several years.

MineOS is currently maintained in the more modern NodeJS-based webui, which is available from any MineOS page:

i downloaded the mineos node jessi or whatever, how do I use it now?

So, you have an install-able linux distribution in the form of an ISO…what would you normally do with that?

am noob guess ill just give up

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I had a similar issue and was unable to update to the newer nodeJS.
I ended up backing up my servers and reinstalled with the current MineOS.
I think that’s what Hexparrot was getting at.

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