Vanity URL Configuration

Has anyone configured their MineOS server to be connected to via a vanity URL?

For example:

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You can use a dynamic dns service which will come with a updater because your outwards ip changes periodically or some routers are able to update the dns also.

Otherwise no one is really sure what you are asking you might want to be more descriptive

I have.
You need to have controll over your own DNS-configuration, and be comfortable with a few things:

  • A-record:
    You need to add your main domain name as a A record in your DNS config at your regitstrar. If you only have one minecraft server, or you want this to be for the minecraft server running on the default port, you only need an a record, as minecraft automatically assumes you use port 25565 if you do not specify a port… Be adviced that when you adde the main adress (in your example above β€œ”) this adress will lead to the server running on port 25565 as well. You can if you wish add a second A record to add a extended name (Vanity name) to your server (in your example above β€œ”)

  • Dynamic DNS:
    Depending on your server location and internet provider you may need to configure a dynamic DNS service both in your DNS-config at your domain name registar, and at home (either at internet modem / router level, or as a service on a computer on your network). You only need to dyndns the cathchall main domain name (in your example above β€œ”). You need this if you do no thave a fixed IP from your internet provider. Most home based internt solutions do not have fixed IP for internet

  • SRV-records
    This is where you define the different minecraft servers using other ports than the default 25565. An SRV record is dependend on an base A-record to build upon, as it ads the server name to the domain name (the β€œplay” to β€œ”). For a SRV record you need to fill in the following data:
    Type: SRV
    Service: _minecraft_tcp.(your minecraft servername) (from example above:
    Sercer: @
    Priority: 0
    Weight: 5
    port: Your servers portnumber
    TTL: 1H

For more base info on DNS records you can read here:What is DNS? and How Does DNS Work? (Explained for Beginners)
For more about SRV-records look here:


Thank you for all the information.

I am comfortable with DNS and was able to configure everything!

My config: for Java MC for Bedrock MC.

Thanks again!

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