Using WinSCP

Hi there quick question:

What IP address do i use for connecting to my MineOS server using WinSCP (Lan or Wan side?) and what are the credentials? I assumed the password would be the mcserver creds i use to get into the webgui but they don’t seem to work.

WinSCP should use literally the same credentials and the same connectivity information as ssh, since winscp actually connects using the exact same protocol.

Same usernames, same passwords, same ip, same port.

If it’s not working, make sure you’re not using root (seems you’re using mcserver). But otherwise, check the auth logs on your server, because this is Linux-centric not MineOS centric. Do you see failure attempts logged in /var/log/auth.log?

I’ve using my LAN side IP, port 22 and using the mcserver login creds but it doesn’t work, which is what I assume it to be. I tried opening the auth.log but its telling me i need root permission.