User White List (noob question)

I setup using MineOS turnkey server, all working well no issues… I do however have one major problem.

I wish to only allow certain users, currently i can see now way of doing this. I could block by IP but that would be an issue as my family rove a bit…

Any help would be greatly appreciated… I have looked through the forum but…

I may have found some info here:

is this still currant?

if you mean to block all but some players to your minecraft server you can whitelist the server and only layers names in the whitelist will be allowed to join the server. I don’t run a beastmode server but just try the commands and you will see if it works. add yourself them see if your friends can join if they can’t then you know it’s blocking others then you can add them.


You would need to set some settings in the server.preferences fie. It is available for edit as a list of settings in the MineOS admin-panel. You can also edit the file directly in a ssh console window.

To whitelist your server you need the following settings (if they are not there, add them):


You can do without “onlinemode”, but I reccomend it. It forces the clients login and nickname to be checked against the Mojang servers. It also mean that all clients have to be original (not pirated / illegal versions). If you want pirated clients to be available to connect leave online-mode false. Be aware that this opens your server for nickname spoofing (meaning that nickames aren’t personal. Anyone can use any nickname, and any user rights you set for nicks will be available for anyone choosing that nick)

Start up your server. 
In the server log / console window in the MineOS admin panel write once for each user: 

Whitelist add [username]

If you need to give out extra user rights write

op [username]

Your server now uses whitelist. Only users you approved can now connect from anywhere. Everyone else is disconnected with message “Server is whitelisted”.

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