Use WebUI Crontab Schedule to Notify Server Restart

I have schedules set up like this in the scheduling tab of the WebUI:

0 5 * * * * stuff /say Server Restarting in 5 minutes
00 02 * * * 0-6 stuff /say Server Restarting in 2 minutes
00 02 * * * 0-6 stuff say Server Restarting in 2 minutes

They are not triggering consistently. They did not send for I believe the first 20 minutes or so, then triggered once, and have not triggered since.

At first I thought they were just not working at all, but with them triggering once, it seems odd, but still not working correctly. I pressed “Start” on all of them, so them should be running.

One of them has say, the other two have /say. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to / to stuff.

Yeah, but all three worked at some point, so I don’t think the '/" matters.