Uploading existing world

Hello, I recently decided to get my mineos server up and running again and am a bit rusty with all the commands. i was wondering if there was a way to upload an old realm that my friends and I played on years ago and get it running on my mineos server. I’m sorry if this id covered somewhere. i have looked but just cant find anything that seems to help me. i do have the entire world folder and I have it zipped. i just don’t know what to do from there. thanks for the help in advance.

In mineos, in stead of creating new server, use the import button :slight_smile:

Okay, when i click import server there is nothing in the list options and the dropdown box only has two other servers that i run.

You need to add the world into a archive folder and then ftp that archive into

it will then show up on the import page.


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