Upgrading from MineOS Debian 10 Buster to Debian 11 Bullseye

I have a machine running on the MineOS Debian 10 Buster distribution, I can see on here that MineOS Debian 11 Bullseye version is now available. What’s the best way to upgrade from my current version running on Debian 10 Buster to the latest? Is it as simple as upgrading to the latest version of MineOS with a terminal. Can you upgrade from your current to the latest ISO from a USB? What’s the precedures for updating and upgrading everything on MineOS. So far I’ve I upgraded the webui and it reported errors that I suspect need Debian 11 to fix, I don’t want to break anything, I’ve installed latest versions of java but I’ve never upgraded a distribution to a newer MineOS distro. I searched the forums for upgrading distributions and couldn’t find anything. I’ve upgraded Ubuntu and Linux Mint before but never MineOS and just figured there’s more to it than just upgrading Debian, what else should I be checking?

I went into the sources.list files, all the ones I could find from root, changed buster to bullseye in them all, updated, upgraded, dist-upgraded. It went through a tonne of things, it had a bunch of prompts asking to change config files to the newer versions, I just said yes to everything, had no idea if to leave it or not.

How’d it go?
Still working?

No lol. Webui completely broke. I just decided to fresh install anyway, at least it’s quicker and I know it works, then just import the servers back in. But it would be nice to keep this post going so in future if it’s possible to upgrade distros I will know how to do it.