Upgrade libc6 to 2.15?

This doesn’t have anything to do with minecraft, it has to do with the distribution of turnkey that themineos ISO uses, which I’ve been running going on a year now, maybe.

Anyway, I’m trying to also run a gmod server on my server box. What I found is that this distro is “locked” to 2.13, but gmod needs 2.15. Can it be upgraded? Will that break anything in terms of the minecraft server? Thanks!

Is it ‘locked’? I don’t believe it should be.

I’m merely respinning a TurnkeyLinux ISO, which should have the same methods as Debian Linux to upgrade, namely apt-get.

MineOS doesn’t use glibc, so I predict nothing on the web-ui end will break with such an upgrade.

Sorry, wrote that last night when I wasn’t thinking straight. What I mean is, it’s locked to v2.13. If I try to apt it to upgrade to the latest, it tells me there isn’t a higher version. Somehow, it’s locked down to 2.13, and won’t let me go to 2.15. I read, casually, that it’s probably due to a “stable” release, so the repositories won’t let it go higher than that.

FYI, I figured it out, got it upgraded. Doesn’t seem to have messed with anything.

Followed the directions here to do so, if anybody needs it:

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