Updating Spigot

After I ran buildtools I got a version of spigot that was newer then the one I was running which has a few issues, I wanted to update to the newer version that was released since my server went online to see if has been fixed.

Also I have been wanting to run a forge server and I believe the file I downloaded is corrupt and needs to be re-downloaded not sure how to make the Webui do it or how to do it any other way

You got a newer version than the one you were running, but you want a newer version that was released since your server went online?

Can’t you hit the download button again?

When I hit the download button for Buildtools I get, “Buildtools compilation failed error 17 (eexsist): /var/games/minecraft/profiles/spigot_1.8.8”

for forge 1.7.10 I get, “Download failed remote server did not return forge- error 404”

You’re right. I forgot only Buildtools has this restriction (because it’s not a profile, in the ordinary page). So simply delete the corresponding directory as root: rm -rf /var/games/minecraft/profiles/spigot_1.8.8. Doing this only is necessary if you really think corruption could have occurred–did you see anything suggesting an error from when you did build it initially?

That means that Forge is advertising that the build is available (from their JSON), but they’re for reasons unknown just not actually hosting the file. Try a different build–hopefully it will be one that is available.

So I can delete that folder to the spigot_1.8.8 even if the profile is in use?

I have tried all the 1.7.10 forge versions none of them work the 1.8 forge’s seem to work. I have working forge 1.7.10 installing files is there a way to change url for download?

You don’t need profiles at all. You literally don’t need it at all. Profiles are a convenience to allow users to get jarfiles from the internet and that’s it. Whether you import a server from somewhere else or whether you use a profile–all that matters is that the jarfile is moved to the server directory, e.g., /var/games/minecraft/servers/myservername and select it as the “runnable jar”.

The first time you start a server with a profile, it copies the files from … /profiles/spigot_1.8.8 to … /servers/myservername. At that point, you can delete every profile and it wouldn’t stop that server from working because it’s already been copied to /servers/myservername.

Then whomever is maintaining Forge and the JSON file isn’t doing that great a job. :confused: That said, if you have any working jarfile from anywhere, whether you download it on your desktop and upload it to your server or whether you copy it from a flash drive, just put it in the /servers/myservername directory and it’ll work.