Updating PocketMine

How do you update the PocketMine server to the latest version?

Apparently the new version of Minecraft PE that got pushed out to iOS devices no longer works with the old version of the PocketMine server…

Only the pocketmine dev branch works with the most recent IOS Minecraft version. If you’re interested in running pocketmine, I recommend using mineos-node, which has support for both the stable (old) and dev (new) servers built in.

Pocketmine support for mineos (python) was iffy at best, so I don’t really recommend it. That said, you simply need to get the DEV .phar to replace the stable .phar and it should work, if you’re using the python webui.

Thanks for the help! Given your other message not to run the old and new UI together, I think I will have to go with the second route of updating to the new DEV .phar file. Do you know how to update the phar file? I found a file on the pocketmine website (PocketMine-MP_1.5dev-1254_bfd3fb66-API-1.12.0.phar; do i just need to rename that to PocketMine.phar and replace in the pmserver server folder?

I don’t even remember how I implemented it in python’s node, but make sure you’re replacing the version in the profiles directory, rather than the live server directory, as it’ll copy over (and you want the 1.5 copy to copy over).