Updating Errors WebUI


No apologies necessary Hex, you’ve been very patient.

So, I followed the instructions on the link. The WebUI is now at [b28c5be]. Is this the latest one? I still cant tell. I followed the link and it says you committed this Sep 18? If so, We’ve had success! (and a great weight falls from my shoulders). for your perusal here’s the pastebin of the terminal.


I may still look into installing MineOS over a GUI based Ubuntu system such as Ubuntu Lite. I’m keen to have my Servers website loaded from the same server. Try and get it all into one neat little package.


OK, as a final response to this post. and it may seem a little ironic, just know that I have learnt a great deal from this post discussion.

I decided to go down the path of setting up the server with Linix Lite (ubuntu 18.04 distro) and stepped through the loading of MineOS onto this system. Reason being, it gave me so much more flexibility in doing other thigs with teh server such as setting up a website for my minecraft server and a shop in teh same location (all of which are well and truly under way). The process provided in your wiki worked perfectly and MineOS is up and running nicely even after I restart the server. SO thank you for that.

So far Ive had no hanging or lagging issues with this version of the webui.

All in all, while the journey was rough, I did learn a lot and Hex, you were very patient and helpful. Thankyou. I do have another issue about FTP, but ill raise that on another topic if I cant resolve it myself.

Thanks again



Well you actually can do pretty much the same exact thing with the “official” distro, it is kind of just simply more “beginner” friendly when it comes to extending/expanding and managing the whole system from the system itself when you add/install the MineOS web ui atop a Linux distro with a graphical interface (or install a graphical interface atop the “official” distro), such as my version of the distro based upon Ubuntu that’s got some extras preconfigured and included by default to help simplify things.

Well, typically it is SFTP that we use, FTP over the SSH protocol, since FTP itself would typically require extra setting up and configuring before being usable. I don’t believe Ubuntu or Ubuntu based distros have OpenSSH-Server by default unless it’s Ubuntu Server so if your issue is that you can’t connect with SFTP then that is why, you’d need to install it.

Well, that’s the goal, and you stuck it through, even also going a longer route, and even when you make things perfect, there may always be some way to improve or something else to learn and expand upon. As a “beginner”, you’ve done extremely well overall.