Updating an OLD webui on jessie turnkey

btw i was able to update webui on an old Jessie. i just dont feel like rebuilding the whole turnkey os.
had to do this since the build in webui update script fails on some nodejs part. from what I could tell its the old 4.x version it had.

so For anyone using an old (jessie) build… and wanted to update the webui…
The last version that works for nodejs on something that old is 6.x.
as per apt - How can I update my nodeJS to the latest version? - Ask Ubuntu

see this site for MANUAL instructions as the normal curl script didnt seem to install the good version as the old
nodesource.list for apt-get had old info. so i removed it ant followed these instructions.

so after that it updated the webui and works after a reboot :wink: wee.
ps i also did a remove before hand.
as root
apt-get remove nodejs
apt-get purge nodejs
apt-get autoremove

node -v
npm -v
to see versions before and after.