Updating a Modpack That Is not a profile

I’m playing a modpack with a couple of my other friends (specifically All The Mods 3 remix) and it isn’t a profile so I was wondering how to update the modpack properly because I can’t just switch the server profile. Thanks in advance!!!

Profiles are just a shortcut to take files on the internet and put them somewhere on your local system, namely /var/games/minecraft/servers/[servername]/.

Profiles aren’t necessary for operation, but they’re convenient. You can either not use them and simply populate the above directory with the files you want used–or you can use profiles and then additionally alter those files to your liking (adding/removing plugins, changing configuration).

All in all, once you have a server created in MineOS, all that matters is that the files you want active are in the appropriate directory and they’ll be used.

Do you know which files you should keep when updating the modpack?

I haven’t really ever worked with any modpacks, so I can’t give any advice there, sorry. The modpack should probably be the one providing instructions. If you’re able to locate a full package of pre-configured servers from them specifically, you can also just put that onto the filesystem in the right directory (ignoring the use of profiles altogether).