Updated OS from Ubuntu Server 16.04 to 18.04

As the title reads, I updated my server. At first, the webUI wouldn’t load and the server wasn’t running. Not a big deal, I can reinstall the server software, it’s just following the commands for a systemd-based Ubuntu install.

The problem? None of my saved worlds show in the webUI. They’re all still there in /var/games/mincraft/servers, but none of them show up in the webUI. Any insights?

Are you logged in as the same user that the worlds are owned by?

Use ls -la /var/games/minecraft/servers to see the current owners of the servers and make sure that matches the user you’re logging into the webui as.

Yes, that was the first thing I made sure of. After the OS update, the files’ ownership changed to root, so I made sure I changed them all back to the “mc” user and group. I just double-checked and verified they are all owned by the"m " user, and I’m logging into the webUI as that user.

I will mention that when I log into the webUI, it doesn’t show the user name in the upper right corner for some reason.

You might need to run npm again, in case larger changes in your system rendered some of your npm modules incompatible.

As root:

cd /usr/games/minecraft
rm -rf node_modules
npm install --unsafe-perm

Then also likely there are detailed error messages in your /var/log/mineos.log.

That did the trick, thanks!

Okay, so it made all the saved worlds show up in the webUI, but now none of them will start. I downloaded the latest JAR file for the server, but when I select each one’s profile and runnable jar file to the current server version, it just doesn’t start.

Considering I had to download1.13.2 after the webUI started working and the worlds loaded in the webUI, I tried changing the version to 1.13.1 instead because it was already present before I downloaded 1.13.2. But neither version made the world start. I’m at a loss now.

Please chekc your java version. I did the same operation a while aog, and seem to remember that the upgradeprocess changed or removed my java.

Cripes, you’re right. OpenJDK was set to version 11, and after changing back to 8 the worlds started right up.

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Hey there, I have the exact same problem as buddy over here except my npm keeps erroring out. It says it errors on the “userid@0.3.1 install”

For more context im running ubuntu server 19.04 and I have xubuntu installed to make remoting in easier.
Everything was fine until i updated and now the servers wont show up, and everything i’ve tried errors out.

I can provide further details and anything you need in order to resolve this issue. Let me know


What version of node did you get upgraded to?

What are the exact errors you’re getting?

So running this command

cd /usr/games/minecraft
rm -rf node_modules
npm install --unsafe-perm

Errors out, I am running node version 10.15.2

I’ll even upload the log it spat out on my Google drive.

It seems to be having a build error? I’m not 100% sure.

Well, it seems that userid just isn’t maintained anymore, so lots of newer versions aren’t building this module properly.

That said, there are some people in the github repo who are getting it to work on Node v12: https://github.com/jandre/node-userid/issues/20

It could be possible that the changes to make it work in v12 that this modification would allow userid to get built on v10: https://github.com/patrikx3/ramdisk/blob/master/src/userid.js

I’m going to guess it is, because it looks like it actually circumvents POSIX bindings altogether and replaces it with a system call to id.

This seems beyond my comprehension, but if I follow what the guys over there are telling me to do. I should be set you think? I guess there is only one way to find out.

Where do i place that line of code?