Unraid mineos help

good evening,
i have looked through everything i feel might help me but
the honest truth is i kind of relied on the webgui to sort everything out.
i am at a total loss as to what the hell to do to get my minecraft running again.
i have tried to update java as per the instructions,
deleted the dockers and repulled them,
but i am in no way able to grasp the basics of what to do.
i am although profoundly grateful for hexparrot for keeping this going as i have been using it for a couple of years.
the reality is the wife will kill me IF i cant get it going. please help …
many thanks in advance

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Clarify please–you’re using Unraid, and the task you’re trying to accomplish is updating Java? Is that correct?

hi there,
on the docker version there was an option to log in via a web ui to save etc, i have updated to the latest version and that option has vanished,
i have not even thought about updating java YET as i know i will manage to totally break everything…
many thanks

I’ll jump in here and say that that’s the task I’m trying to complete, at least.
I’m using your container on unRAID. I’m trying to update Java to support 1.17.
I’m not completely new to Linux, but I’m not great either.

I follow the instructions in the turnkey ISO thread, but wget isn’t installed in the container, so I can’t use that to pull down the new jre. Is there another method I can use? I’d like to keep the older version of java as well, as there are several other servers on older version that sound like they would break if only java 15 was installed.

I tried:
Pulling down jre-15 (openjdk15 from turnkey ISO thread: https://download.java.net/java/GA/jdk15.0.2/0d1cfde4252546c6931946de8db48ee2/7/GPL/openjdk-15.0.2_linux-x64_bin.tar.gz)
Extracting tar.gz to /mnt/user/appdata/mineos/java15 (where the container data is stored - servers, archives, etc.)
Add a path in the container pointing /mnt/user/appdata/mineos/java15/bin/java to /opt/java15/bin/java within the container.
I edited server.config with java_binary=/opt/java15/bin/java under [java]

I start the server with 1.17 profile and jar, it doesn’t start.
There is no output at all on the UI to tell me anything, or even where to look
I checked /var/log/mineos.log, but the only thing there is a message requesting server start, nothing about java version errors.

Any help would be great.