Unknown interface Eth1

Hi, I have been using mineos jessie with a pcie ethernet adapter for quite some time with no issues. However, I have just upgraded to mineos stretch and receive the following error while trying to set up ethernet for the same adapter.
“Non-Zero exitcode (1) for command: ifdown ‘eth1’ ifdown: unknown interface eth1”
I’m not sure what I should do to fix this, as I have never had any issues with this. Any help would be appreciated! thanks!

If I were to take a guess, I would either disable the onboard NIC(eth0) from the system BIOS, deactivate it in the network conf file, or reconfigure the interfaces.
I believe that the setup is such to have multiple NICs.
Its been a while since I last setup a system with Mineos.

I had this issue when I had installed 18.04.3-live-server. It turns out that the “live” has minimal drivers post install and so when I went to get packages/updates nothing worked as it didn’t know what eth1 and eth2 was.

If able to, try finding your OS without the “live” title in it and go from there. I personally using Ubuntu Server and it works great on my Dell T310. I only had to hunt down a java instantiation again as I keep forgetting to save the site to add the PPA.

I found a work around but you have to have Putty and root access to the server. Use Putty to login to the server and do this command: editor /etc/network/interfaces and then edit/add eth1
auto eth1 iface eth1 inet static address -your ip you want to set- netmask gateway -your gateway- dns-nameservers -your dns servers-
Hope this helps.

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