Unknown host- can't setup bungeecord

I’m following the instructions in this video How to make a BUNGEECORD Server - Minecraft Tutorials - YouTube
and setup a bungeecord server and several spigot servers through the webui and winscp.
In the logs for the bungeecord server it appears to start and is listening- I tried and localhost:25565 in config.

I tried iptables -f and opening the ports for additional spigot servers (255 65-70)
The mineos logs don’t show any errors.

I have the server on the same lan as my test host, Minecraft shows LAN World “undefined” and then the IP:undefined

What information would help, or what should I try next?
I think that Minecraft isn’t connecting to the bungeecord server, but I’m not sure what is in the way. If I enable my vanilla mineos server on the same port I can connect just fine (I don’t have it running when trying to set up the other servers).

When I originally created the bungee server I selected “unconventional server”, I created a new one without that ticked and defined the port as 25565 and it works now. There may be a more elegant solution but that was good enough for me