Unable to update to newest version

Ok, @hexparrot, I am lead to believe (through your GitHub) that I’m currently running the latest commit of this: https://github.com/hexparrot/mineos of which was last updated on July 30th. So I’m guessing that my server is ‘connected’ or routed to the wrong Git? (Instead of this: https://github.com/hexparrot/mineos-node?)

Thanks in advance,

Hrm, so you were using the old webui all along?

If that’s the case, I personally recommend you just start with a brand new ISO. The Python-based webui is old, but the distro it came with is also probably older than is worth keeping around.

For the python webui, there is a different wiki page to update: https://minecraft.codeemo.com/mineoswiki/index.php?title=Updating_the_Webui_(python)

But again, if you’re hoping to take advantage of newer features and the fact that only mineos-node gets any updates in features and functionality, you can move on to the new webui.

Check the wiki or the homepage (or the sticky thread for a link).

It’s not necessary to start with a new install, of course, but based on varying levels of experience working with these things, I’d say most users of MineOS should go ahead and just fresh-install rather than attempt to remove the old webui and install the new one; it’s just my experience it’ll take far, far less time to get up and running.

That said, the most important thing you can first do is make archives of your servers and move them off MineOS onto a safe place, like your desktop. Once there, the same method you move the archives off with (SFTP), you can move them back into your import directory and be up and running.

Ya hear that @fornaxbeowulf?
Alright, that’s what I’ll do then, and if no one opposes, this thread will officially be closed.

Thanks for all the help, @hexparrot!

I would have to agree, I’m looking the new version on a test system and it’s pretty slick. Now it is matter of scheduling time to take it down and install it.

Slight more hassle to get the HP Proliant software and other components added, but that’s what good note taking is for.