Unable to start new server, or imported ones

Hello everyone,

I recently installed MineOS-Turnkey as it seemed to be exactly what I needed.

However I’ve encountered an issue that I cannot resolve, despite googling all over the place.

Regardless if I make a new server, or import one, if it’s vanilla, spigot, or forge, I get the error of:

XMS heapsize must be positive integer where XMX >= XMS > 0

Now I have XMS set to 2048 and XMX set to 8192 (server has 16gigs available). And yet the same error.

I would appreciate if someone could perhaps point me to something I may be missing?

Leave the XMS at blank and try launching again.
I never enter a value and never had an issue.

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Well I’ll be damned that did it! Thank you so much.

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