Unable to install MineOS to HDD

Not sure if this a duplicate question, cant seem to find anything similar

So I have been trying to install MineOS onto a server and have been running into numerous issues

I am now installing from a disc as this is the only thing that will work, however it doesn’t seem to be installing to the hard drive

I run through the setup process, setup my partition, install MineOS, install grub launcher, but as soon as I click reboot I get stuck in a loop of the server trying to find something to boot from and cant find anything installed on the hard drive

I have tried install running the setup as a demo. Managed to enter my passwords, get the WebUI all working fine. But when I go to install to hard drive from the Advanced Menu, I get stuck in the same loop

Any ides on what I am doing wrong or what I can do to get this to work?

edit: I managed to install Ubuntu from USB and it would boot fine from HDD.

Your BIOS may be set only to boot from the optical drive (dvdrom). Therefore, it detects the CDROM, lets you install, but on reboot, it goes right back to the dvd.

If the DVD is present, it boots (and you don’t want it to)
If the DVD is absent, BIOS gives up, thinking “I’m told only to boot from the DVD”

This would also explain why other methods (perhaps you tried USB) doesn’t properly boot.

Sorry I should have updated the article, tried a few more things since.

I managed to install Ubuntu from USB and it would boot fine from HDD.

So I don’t think the issue lies with the boot order or what it is allowed to boot from

Stick with Ubuntu then, I think. Then, install the webui app to that Ubuntu installation.