Unable to Get a 1.12.2 Pixelmon Server working


I’m relatively new to MineOS however up until now things had been going smoothly setting up servers and such. However, I had been asked to setup a Pixelmon server using the 1.12.2 version of Minecraft. However, the version of Forge it uses (2611) is not available on the default profiles. I did not think this was a problem as i could manually install the server via SFTP after setting the server up on a local machine using the correct jar and making sure it was working smoothly.

I did this, and the server on my local machine worked fine. So i compressed the whole server into a ZIP file and moved it to /var/games/minecraft/import . I logged on to the WebUI and the server showed up as expected. I created a server using the imported zip file and it showed up correctly. This is where the problem i’m having started. When i go to launch the server, I selected the correct jar on the right panel, in this case forge-1.12.2-, however, the server then just starts using the vanilla Minecraft jar and obviously, non of the mods work.

As of right now I am at a loss. I have done this for other versions of forge before and never had a problem until now. I can confirm that the server i compressed for import does work on my local machine when i launch it via the forge-1.12.2-

If someone could assist me with resolving this i would be most grateful.


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