Unable to find eula.txt to accept

When I Click the Accept Eula button on my server it does nothing. I am not sure how to go into the files so that I can change eula.txt to “eula=true” instead of “eula=false” I think this is the reason that the server is currently freezing up every few seconds.

You can check the status in the /var/games/minecraft/server/*server name*/
If this is already set to “true” then we will need to look at the logs to determine why it’s crashing.

how do I get to that file location from the web UI?

You do not.
You need to use puTTY (https://www.putty.org/) or an ekvivalent SSH-klient to connect tou your MineOS server to do this.

What if I am running it through the truenas plugin? whenever I try to go to the mineos plugin ip it does not work through putty. Also, I have now been able to get the server up and running for people within my network but the port forwarding is not working. Could this problem be from me not having yet accepted the eula?

If you are able to access the Webui, then you should also be able to to log into the ssh using putty. As for the port forwarding, unless you are using any port other than the default, you will need to edit the iptables.


Am I correct in using the ip shown in the searchbar of the webui or is it different for doing this?

Yes, only the IP and not the port. SSH uses port 22.