Unable to create modded server

To start this off, I’d like to mention I have next to zero knowledge about computers so it might take a while before I understand something.

I’m trying to create a modded 1.18.2 forge server to play on with friends but no luck so far. I was able to start a 1.19 vanilla server just fine and was able to connect to it.

If I had any server log to work with I might have been able to figure this out on my own but neither the world or logs generate in the server folder.
Looking through the mineos.log file it keeps saying
{“level”:“error”,“message”:“Ping, MC Server not available on port 27018”,“timestamp”:2-22-07-13T14:58:57.8022"}
And, well… I didn’t set up any port forwarding yet but that doesn’t seem like something that would prevent a server from generating (and besides, I generated a vanilla one just fine)
It also occasionally says
{“level”:“error”,“message”:“[(Server name)] Create tail on logs/latest.log failed”,“timestamp”:2-22-07-13T14:58:57.8022"}
Which to me seems like the problem, its unable to create the log file or something?

Anyway like I said I’m no expert on this and have no clue what the problem is or how I fix it, thanks for helping in advance.