Unable to connect via lan or via external connection

Hi All,

i have recently created a Truenas MineOS Server. i had originally setup the IP config as per forum suggestions to, however, when connecting to the server locally i get “connection refused / connection timed out / took too long to connect”

Since then I have created a port forward rule on my router to allow 25565 and 25566 (separate rules, encase I wanted multiple servers) and attached this port forward rule to a new firewall exception that has inbound and outbound services allowed to the IPv4 of my jail (my jail has a /30 at the end, not sure why or if it’s even relevant)

I have tried from a remote client connecting to the sever via direct connect through the IPv4 of the jail ex ...**:25565 however I get “connection refused”

Any suggestions?

Anyone have any idea what i could do to fix this?

You say little about how you have installed mineOS, but as you talk avbout “jail” I guess in a docker or virtal machine. You need to go over your network config. I use Ubuntu and KVM as virtual machine host, and need to use bridged mode as netwrok mode in my virtual hosts.