Unable to connect to my mineOS server

context: i have my mineOS running in virtualbox on a linux mint mate OS installed on a LattePanda computer.

he keeps saying he can’t keep up, and i don’t know what to do,
the other problem i have is that i what other players to be able to join my server (even if they are not onto my home network) i wanted to use zero tier because i can’t port-forward.
anyone knows or has experience on working with mineOS and zero tier ?

[23:44:10] [Server thread/WARN]: Can't keep up! Is the server overloaded? Running 6311ms or 126 ticks behind

Those types of warnings are for the most case safe to ignore. Usually I end up increasing the “max-tick-time” property to avoid the server shutting down due to long ticks. As long as my server users do not experience lag, there is no reason to invest lots of time or expensive hardware to get rid of a warning.

I have no experience with zero-tier, so can’t help you with that.

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maybe you can help with this, i have to place a given ip instead of the standard ip, but when i change the ip in the web ui it says it can not bind the ip with the port, any suggestions with that

if you need more documentation i could give some this evening for me (Belgium ,Europe) or tomorrow

and about the can’t keep up it’s more like 60000 ms instead of 6000 ms could it be because of the virtual machine, it has only 1500 mb ram and 4 cores, if i would install mineOS directly on the late panda it could have up to 4 gigs of ram and 8 cores

Sorry, I really have never used zero-tier, never installed it, nor set it up. Soif you have the docs, you know more than me.

The tick-warning doesn’t really matter no matter how high it goes, unless your users complain about lag. I have set my tick timeout to 600 000… :wink: