Unable to connect to Mineos Server

I have successfully updated everything, I can start the server, I can ping my servers, but when I try to connect through the browser locally I am unable to connect.

I am getting a No Data Returned on my website.

Some more information:
I can get to the Web-UI no problem.
When I boot, it appears to boot correctly:

[21:58:05] [Server thread/INFO]: Done (2.402s)! For help, type “help” or “?”
[21:58:05] [Server thread/INFO]: Preparing spawn area: 93%
[21:58:04] [Server thread/INFO]: Preparing spawn area: 36%
[21:58:03] [Server thread/INFO]: Preparing start region for level 0
[21:58:03] [Server thread/INFO]: Preparing level “world”
[21:58:03] [Server thread/INFO]: Starting Minecraft server on
[21:58:02] [Server thread/INFO]: Generating keypair
[21:58:02] [Server thread/INFO]: Default game type: SURVIVAL
[21:58:02] [Server thread/INFO]: Loading properties
[21:58:02] [Server thread/WARN]: To start the server with more ram, launch it as “java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar”
[21:58:02] [Server thread/INFO]: Starting minecraft server version 1.7.10

Everything else is default.


We’ll need some more info to begin to help you.

What distro are you using? Turnkey?

Are you running it on a Virtual Host?

Either way, check that your Minecraft Server’s IP is reachable from your client IP and that the correct Firewall rules are applied.


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I am running Turnkey, in a VM Workstation deployment.

I can access everything from my Host system to the VM Instance of MineOS Turnkey (current distro, updated). I have opened all of my ports to access it. WHen I try to connect to the port that the Minecraft Server is running on it times out.

I can access the Minecraft WebUI, the MineOS Web based locations from a networked PC. just unable to get to the Server.

Sorry, nothing is jumping out at me as an immediate solution so I am going to run through some basics.

Is this a fresh install or something you had previous access to a running Server on this Guest?

Are you trying to connect to your Server’s Private IP via the Minecraft Client?

Do you receive any errors Client Side?


The error you’re getting is at the application level, rather than a transport level. The fact you’re able to get to the web-ui shows that there is assured connectivity, and the fact you get a ‘no data returned’ error means there is communication also on the Minecraft port.

However, just like if you saw ‘You’re banned from this server’–you know that it would only say that if connectivity was established, but you were otherwise determined to not be allowed to “connect” (or technically, log in).

Based on this error issue, I’m compelled to believe that your ‘No Data Returned’ is a result of your client and your server not matching eachother’s protocol. Can you verify you’re using the most recent client (or at least one that is 1.7.x aware? A 1.6.x client, for example, would handshake in one way and the responding server (1.7.10) may not recognize it, and therefore not reply.

I’d guess it was something different if you instead got “Connection timed out” (e.g., firewall), but that doesn’t seem applicable here; the server looks up and working, as expected based on your logs.