Unable to connect to minecraft server from outside network

Recently I have turned my old computer into a NAS using trueNAS. My intention was to run a minecraft server off it using the mineOS plugin. I set up the Plugin in trueNAS following a video that told me to use DHCP in the setup. I managed to setup a test server in mineOS, portforwarded 25565 to the IP that the server gave / was in the url of mineOS web-UI on my router, and was able to connect to it through my desktop connected to the same network to the server. However when my freinds attempt to join they are unable to connect. Ive treid a to find a solution but I just cant seem to find an answer. If anyone knows a sollution that would be very much apreciated.

You where reccomended to use DHCP? I disagree with that advice, since you with DHCP risk having random addresses assigned when a DHCP lease expires, unless you configure your DHCP-server to reserve that ardress to that machine.

You do not say anything about adding port forwarding?
To be able to play at a LAN server over the internet you need to add port forwarding on you internet router/modem to guide traffic from internet to a local adress. Take a look at: https://portforward.com/

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