Ubuntu Server - "mineos: ERROR (spawn error)"

i just installed mineos and when i went to do a first startup i got the error “mineos: ERROR (spawn error)” when i used the “supervisorctl start mineos” command. If its something really simple i want to say thank you in advance for taking your time to help.

i5 6600k 4.9ghz
16gb ddr4
3x2tb wdblack (raidz)
2x512gb Samsung 850 evo (stripe)

All on a FreeNAS 11 base, with Ubuntu Server 16.03 as my mineos host in a FreeNAS virtual machine.

Edit: Sorry again, absolutely little to no experience with command line stuff in linux so i cant even find the logs.

The logs we’re looking for initially are /var/log/mineos.log. Are you able to locate that within your FreeNAS guest?

FreeNAS changes things up a bit, though–support for MineOS via a FreeNAS plugin is limited since I’m not the developer of the plugin (only the webui itself). You might try searching the entire guest’s space for mineos.log.

Hey! i was able to find another computer to run the premade mineos install on. I went to FreeGeek in Road Island and i got an i7 first gen, 8gb of ram, and 2x120 gig ssds. MineOS runs wonderfully, sorry for not updating on this but i wanted to make sure this was working before i gave up on freenas with ubuntu. You do some amazing stuff here, the webui looks awesome.


I am getting this error as well. Installation went fine following the wiki on a brand new 16.04 box.

Log file is empty.

Same, and I only have SSH so I don’t even know how to view freakin logs xD I hate those terminal thingies, why not doing windows stuff :[ ?