Two server pc,s runnig mineos one working the other one isnt

Well ive got 2 mineos servers
One is working
And tegen a friend sales if i could host his server.
Installed mineos turnkey
And teen it doesnt work
The minecraft server starts but in minecraft i cant find it it us stil ont the same netwerk as my pc and the other server
Even if i port forward it Will not work
It had got conexxion with lan
I have changes ports
And this server has got antotherop ip than the other serve that is working fine
Sorry if my typing is ban i am using my iphone
Bryan Vullers

He Brian,

Thanks for creating this new topic instead of asking a new question in your previous topic.

For starters,

Did you add a firewall rule to your firewall config on the MineOS server?
If not, got to :12312 login using root and go to your network/firewall settings in the top bar.
There create a new rule for the new server port.
Don’t forget to apply the rule set and give it a go.

well this is what in see i dont know how the f**k i change it.
i am new to servers and linux.
So help
-Bryan Vullers

well i have used iptables on this website and it worked i am so happy thanks you all for the help :smile:

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