[Tutorial] Two ways to better secure your server

Basics: This tutorial teaches you a simple way to secure your server(s), however this tutorial is meant for users who host Minecraft Servers with or without the MineOS WebUI, but it can be adapted to work with any other kind of server.


  • (Optional, but HIGHLY Recommended) One DD-WRT compatible wireless router, configured as your main router/gateway to the Internet
    • Costs around USD $20 each, depending on the brand/hardware
  • One or more computers that are/will be used to host your server(s).
  • Internet access (obviously)
  • Time and patience (of course, as for everything else)

What you will get and accomplish after completing this tutorial successfully:

  • Better network performance

    • Faster DNS resolve times
    • Faster response times in general
      • Less lag for players/users on the server
  • Additional security for your server

    • Impede DDoS and Bruteforce Attacks
    • Additional Encryption when accessing your server from outside the network
  • Additional security for the user (you)

    • Protection against “Man In The Middle” attacks
    • Protection against network surveillance/exploiting/sniffing

Link to tutorial: https://sites.google.com/site/jaymontana36jasen/tutorials/mineos-tips/better-secure-your-server

I’ve been working on it for some time now, but it’s usable now. If you see any errors or missing information, or have any suggestions for it, please tell me.

Thanks! I’ve a lot of housekeeping now but will check it out soon.