TurnKey VM init error kernel panic

I moved my Hyper-V VM of Turnkey (just moved entire directory in Windows), and now it has a kernel panic during boot. Clearly operator error, but not really sure why it borked the VM.

It appears that something is wrong with initialization of the kernel “No working init found,” but I’m not sure what I should change in GRUB. Booting from GRUB in recovery mode results in the same error.

Since I’m stumped on that front, I am trying to extract the Minecraft Server files from the Virtual Hard Drive (VHDX). To do so, I mounted the VHDX in a Ubuntu VM, but looking at /dev/turnkey/root, there is no Minecraft folder in /var/games as I would expect. One thing of note is that the VHDX is only like 12gb but one of the AVHDX files is over 60gb. Any ideas to either fix the VM or extract the minecraft server files? Clearly this isn’t critical, but daughter has a project she’s been working on with a couple of friends for quite a while that she would rather not lose. My VMs aren’t part of my backup scheme, so no going there.

Mounting either the VHDX or AVHDX looks the same:

the root folder only contains an openjdk tarzip