Turnkey Stuck on Install

Hello all,
I was trying to install MineOS in order to start a Minecraft server (obviously), and it got stuck near the installation. Here’s what my screen looks like (using virtualbox):

, and I’m not sure why it’s stuck at 72%. I’ve tried rebooting the OS, reinstalling it, granting access to the root, and a whole bunch of network stuff. Right now this system is running Linux Fedora 27, but I’m not opposed to switching OS’ if it helps. I know there’s enough hard disk space, so I’m sure that’s not the problem. If anybody knows why this is happening, I would really like to know so I can sort it out.

72% isn’t referring to the amount of installation complete–it’s referring to the amount of text from the introduction that you can currently see.

There is additional text further below, which you cannot see, and if you scrolled down to the bottom it’d say 100%. Regardless, this isn’t an issue that would stop you from doing anything.