Turnkey OS partitioner not loading?

Hi I have flash the iso on a flash drive and putting it on a old unused computer, does the drive have to cleared for it to work because I’ve waited 10 minutes on a 2011 desktop and still waiting at 100% lol

There may be just not be enough space to create a new partition which is probably the case you will need to check if so then you will have to wipe the drive this is a good idea anyway.

There could also possibly be an issue with your install media it might not of flashed properly when you flashed the drive or the flash drive itself could be damaged.
The actual hard drive inside the computer could have issues or be damaged there could be a whole slew of problems. These are the first two areas though that you should look at given the situation you have described.

Try running your media in a live session from that flash drive you made and then scanning the hard disk for faults or errors and you will also want to wipe the drive entirely while you are there. There is plenty of guides online just google "how to wipe a hard disk from live cd" Or something along those lines.

in short given the issue as described:

  • Check the existing partition table
  • Use live usb to check/preform some fundamentals before hand
  • Media may be faulty or the flash drive itself maybe faulty orr just the data on its corrupted somehow.
  • The hard drive may be in similar fashion

Thanks for the reply, I will check both medias and ensure that’s nothing is wrong because both drives are fresh just the pc hard drive has Ubuntu server 20.0.4 LTS(flashed with usb media) as I was following a tutorial that got quickly outdated for it being only a year(different Java install method, different node.js link), failed to run mine-os service after doing everything I know with linux (beginner/intermediate knowledge) had issues installing all of node.js(?, one of the dependencies for mine.os) so I’m scrapping the Ubuntu server with running mineOS hence I’m trying mineOS turnkey, but the partitioner just stops, may just go Debian if i can’t get turnkey running as I’m way more familiar with Debian than Ubuntu

As for following context on install I use balenaetcher which did have a write protection on it when I flashed Ubuntu Server after trying to format so then just reflashed with the turnkey OS so I will certainly update on if I can get turnkey but I may just fresh wipe both medias to try to get turnkey to work, it’s a refurbed optiplex h2 socket with a i5-2400 I bought in 2021(warranty hasn’t expired) for school but upgraded because it did not meet demands for auto desk and other applications I need for school