Trying to set up a modded Forge-based server from a pre-existing world and would LOVE some assistance :)

Hello friendly people on MineOS,

Sorry if this is lengthy, I just wanted to write as much as I thought might be relevant. I was a little nervous to start my own topic, and if I’m in the wrong section, a redirect would be most appreciated! As the title states, I’m trying to set up the forge-based server using MineOS. I have a small, personal server that is heavily modded, that I use to play with just my immediate family. I’ve been having quite a few issues running it and the game together on my computer, and someone suggested that I make use of my spare pc as a server, and that’s how I found this program!

I’ve already installed the MineOS on the other pc, and it seems to be running perfectly. I can actually make a new server, and drop in the mods I’m using and have it run fine as well. The problem arises when I attempt to import my previous server. I create the .zip file of the world save, including all the files that go along with it, the forge-1.7.10-, and the minecraft_server.1.7.10. It seems to import just fine. I make sure to change the server properties before attempting to launch, adding in BIOMESOP for the level-type. When I click on my server from the dashboard and scroll over to java settings, sometimes I see the forge installer, sometimes I don’t. If I refresh and click around enough, I can eventually get it to appear. Upon clicking it and pressing start, either nothing happens at all, or the highlighted installer will just disappear, and I find myself looping back into the same rut. I can’t make my pre-existing world launch from the MineOS server.

I guess I’d like to ask, is what I’m attempting possible? We’d really rather not restart everything we’ve built thus far. I’d definitely consider myself a novice (if that) to Linux, but I’m good at following directions, handy with Google, and willing to learn what I need. I’ve read just about any of the forum topics that seem to be relevant to my situation, but really can’t find an answer. I’m able to log on to my server through WinSCP, and I downloaded PuTTY SSH as well to help, so I’ve played with them a bit if that helps the matter.

TL;DR - attempting to import pre-existing server with lots of mods, tried some troubleshooting, but cannot launch from MineOS.

Thank you in advance!!

Hi Daveanna,

This used to happen to me all the time. It had to do with the way I built my server, I think.

It went away after I built a server the correct way and there are at least 2 ways I can think of to correct your issue. One is hard, the other not so much.

Either way you need to have the latest commit (Update your MineOS) using the command console of Turnkey. Log in as ‘root’ and:

cd /usr/games/minecraft
git fetch
git merge origin/master
npm install
apt-get update

while you are there, some may advise to:

apt-get dist-upgrade
apt-get update

instead of reboot you may also/or use:

supervisorctl restart mineos

Because I am tNt, lets start with the hard way first, ROTFL.

I could get the jar to show up by logging out then back in to the MineOS interface most times after a failed ‘start’ button attempt.

For me, it was a race every time to start the server as it would start if I was fast enough to highlight the jar and ASAP rush to click start. Mostly it would say “you need to have selected a jarfile” and fail to start but if i was fast enough, it would start eventually.

This ended up helping me because I could then create an archive that i could then use to make a new server by d/l the archive with Filezilla (your WinSCP) and u/l to a new server. Then I would import the same problem again to a new server that i would make to try to get rid of the problem. I finally did it in a way that got rid of the “race to the start button” issue.

You were so close already, try the above first while i prepare to expand on the second way to try to fix your issue, this will take a little while.

Good Luck!


Hi again Daveanna,

I have to assume you have either 32 or 64 bit version of the jessie mineos distro.

If so, I also have to also assume you have already updated and upgraded the mineos at the command console.

3rd, i will assume you did not use WinSCP to modify any of the files in the system. Because issues may occur if the “permissions”/ CMOD have been changed on any file. This is to say MineOS works until you mess with any of the files that are critical to who is the ‘owner’. Take note that you can change ‘ownership’ sometimes by just viewing a file depending on what program is used (I am not sure with WinSCP), because to view a file it is downloaded then can be re-uploaded with different permission for example this can happen by mistake:

Log in as ‘root’ with WinSCP, ‘view’ a file/folder that is ‘owned’ by ‘mc’, modify or u/l the file by mistake and the ‘permissions’ /CMOD would now be set so ‘root’ owns the file/folder thus will not start.

So lets assume you did not make the mistakes like i did.

The second way to try is just like you posted above, it sound odd but it helped me get rid of the problem we both had.

Leave the not working server you created right where it is for now and create a new vanilla 1.7.10 server and start it, name it ‘test’ or something. see how easy? you should have 2 servers on the same page and in the servers drop down menue of MineOS and ‘test’ should start no problem, the profile would have been 1.7.10 and the jar 1.7.10 too. Stop the server.

Now the hard part. Look for the forge-1.7.10- in the java drop down menu. It should be there if you had it in the first server, if so select it and click the start button. the server would start and the forge would be correctly installed and after a minute of the server being up it would crash. Everything as it should be.

Back up a step. If you did not find the forge installer in the java drop down menu? Now use your WinSCP on port 22 (SFTP), i think you can log in as ‘mc’ for this and not as ‘root’ and u/l the forge installer to the ‘profile/1.7.10’ folder. Path should be /var/games/minecraft/profile/1.7.10 (or close to that), explain:

In the first step after making the new server the path would be /var/games/minecraft/profile. Then go to ‘profiles’ page in the MineOS WebUI and d/l the vanilla 1.7.10 jar and a folder gets created and the jarfile put in there so the path is now /var/games/minecraft/profile/1.7.10 or similar. After placing the forge installer in that new folder you should then see it in the java drop down menu. now run it, it installes the forge universal file and the server goes down.

Everything as it should be, so now start that forge universal jar and get it up and running. It should stay up and should not vanish from the drop down menu but if it did just log out then back in to mineos. You should now have a server to work with. Next step. Stop the server.

This is what I meant above: “The second way to try is just like you posted above, it sound odd but it helped me get rid of the problem we both had.”

I have to assume you are now this far with no problem as you claim to get this far on your own. Great! Get is up and running by using WinSCP logged in as ‘mc’ and put your mods in the mods folder and now go start that server. Last step is next.

Do not do this. Instead use WinSCP to u/l what you called your world save to the world folder. Again logged in as ‘mc’, port 22.

OR, if you got the other server started and made an archive with it you could extract the ‘world’ folder from that. Either way should work but don’t try to inport that archive.

Now go ‘start’ your server. You may have had to log out and back in again but still the ‘test’ server should start without the forge universal jar vanishing.

Your server config should not have been modified too much either the goal being to get ‘test’ working properly first.

Now you can creat a good archive and back ups. Now you can create a new server, named as you wish and play with the server config file till you break it and for sure you can fix it again!

Good Luck!


EDIT: You may be better served by re-naming the existing ‘world’ folder to something like ‘world.old’, then just u/l the ‘world’ folder that you had from the previous servers.

Holy cow, you’re reply is amazing! I’ll get to testing this before work today and see what I come up with, you made it fun to read too :slight_smile:

So, with a ton of messing around, I’m finally able to log in to my server, with my mods, and things seem mostly peachy. I did have a few additional questions, because I didn’t exactly follow your directions in entirety, but it did get me on the right track.

I have never been able to log on through WinSCP using root. I always return a permissions denied message. If you can enlighten me as to how to go around this, that’d be awesome.

This one sounds totally dumb to me for asking, but my mom (who’s not in the same network) wasn’t able to connect using my external ip address, which do I use? Do I need to set a different port in my server properties and open a new port through my router? I wasn’t able to pull anything that looked like a usable ip from the MineOS computer, it only showed internal ips when I used the command ifconfig.

My last question might just lie in the processing capabilities of the computer I’m using, but after I got things running smoothly, I wanted to test how it handled, and mega-crashed my server lol. So much so that I was unable to log back in and had to use a restore point to get it up and running again. Water has always been an issue on my sever, basically pouring it or jumping into it would cause it to crash. So back to the story, I jumped in the middle of the ocean, and swam as far down as I could until I noticed my air bubbles disappeared, and sure enough, it crashed. Is there anything I can do to prevent this other than fearing any and all sources of water or lava? It would kinda suck, cause I’m using mods that add sea life and vegetation in the water for collecting :disappointed_relieved:

Anyways, thanks in advance for your help, it really saved me from pulling my hair out lol.

Permitting Root Login

if i understand your question correctly, no need to change your server config. i think you will need to forward your modem port and also a DNS if you did not have one yet.

look here for help with ports:

and google a free DNS service. putting it all together is a pain but i think you can handle it, everything needs to connect to your internal ip and port that minecraft uses.

find and learn how to read your log files and help is here to if you post them. they are great in fuguring out why things crash.

not sure why water and lava are a problem for your side and without the logs can offer little.

for slower systems you can try to reduce the loads in the minecraft options section like filtering, mip maps, lighting, and a range of others. google a tutorial on what all those settings do and what to reduce to help your system. you can also try ‘creative mode’ to see if the issue resolves or persists.

another thing to keep in mind is that minecraft was designed for ‘single thread’ processing. this means a four core processor is way too much and a way should be found to only allow a single core to be utilized.

i achieve this by using a virtual machine with VMware, it allows limiting how many cores are used, there may be other ways used. since my server has two 4 core processors i allow two processors at a single core each. it seems ok here and if i did ever have issues i could drop off a processor and just go with one core and one processor to see if it helped.

Good Luck!