Trying to run a modded server

So I’ve been trying to create a modded server with a custom modpack, I have already made sure the pack runs and is compatible but whenever i go to start the server through the ui it doesn’t do anything. I have the correct forge selected as the runnable jar and I’ve even tried running without any mods on the server but every time it won’t start. What do I do?

It’s very possibly a java version mismatch. What version forge are you using?
If you SSH into your server you can view your java version by typing java -version you can then check, by googling, if you have the right version for your forge version.
Please report your findings here.

it is the recommended for 1.12.2

Can you go to your server folder and type
java -jar forgeuniversal.jar
Replacing forgeuniversal.jar with the actual filename.

Report back with any errors or additional info that might be given please

MineOS is supposed to come with java 17. Minecraft 1.12.2 needs java 8 this is your problem. Going further than this idk because i don’t play 1.12 so some other versions may work but java 8 is the recommended version for 1.12.

Sorry for the late response but when I type that it comes up with unable to access jar file

Also it says Java 17 and for 1.12 I need Java 8