Trying to recover user(or make new one)

So I ran servers using this years ago, installed on top of Ubuntu. Then I stopped. Well now two things have happened.
A: When I opened Minecraft today(after awhile of not playing) I saw that I have a server still running apparently, and I’d like to shut it down.

B: I’m considering hosting a new server for a friend.

The problem is that I can’t remember my web user name, and I haven’t been able to guess it. Is there some way to create a new one? Or is there someplace I can get to to find at least what the user is? I can probably guess my password if I knew the user.

Or do I just need to try to remove it and reinstall?

Any help would be appreciated!


MineOS just uses the underlying Linux’ users. This means:

  • your web user name is one of the users you can log into Linux with. (hopefully it’s something that’s not root).
  • If you don’t remember that user’s password, but you remember how to log in as root, you can change that user’s password with passwd
  • You can either kill the process (minecraft server) as root, or after you re-get access to the other user, can log in the webui and shut down the server from within.
  • Hosting a server for a friend likely means you’ll want to create a new user (Linux useradd). Setting a password for this new user will be the cred you/your friend could use to log into the webui.

If it was years ago, it could be either the old-old Python one, or the more modern NodeJS one (the one I still work on). In that case, you’re likely still going to be okay doing a reinstall, because your OS is also pretty old as well. But by no means required, of course.

At any rate, it’s definitely doable to remove the old webui and to install the new one without an OS reinstall. It’s also definitely doable to take any NodeJS webui version and make it current with only a few commands.

Ah! I literally figured out the user as you were writing this. I was getting ready to reinstall and saw the comment about it using the same user as you install it with. :wink: Thank you for the answers though!

If I have .js files in the mineos folder does that mean I have the more recent version? And am I safe to assume that it’s updateing off apt-get update/upgrade?

JS files means, yes, you have the modern one. Use the instructions here under resetting the scripts to get yourself up to date:

Done and done, thank you again for your responses and all your work on this project!

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