Trying to install mineos turnkey

Hi there, when I do the first part of the setup and I click remove media (the flash drive) and reboot and it boots back it says grub rescue. how can fix it to make it work I used balena etcher to make a bootable flash drive and I tried 4 different USB flash drives I really need help and I worked on it for straight 6 hours yesterday and I tried 5 different os

I’ve tried the same thing and wasn’t able to get it to work either. For me I was getting an error saying it wasn’t a secure bootable OS. Try turning off secure boot in the Bios maybe?

my system is a dell PowerEdge r710 server

The conventions are slightly different at parts Debain based will have intird instead of Initramfs etc but the concepts are the same i think. More so just watch the video to get a understanding of what the problem is you should be able to look at some ref material more suited to your distro online now and understand it.

i watched the video and my hd0 and my hd0,gpt1 and hd0,gpt2 and hd1 says filesystem is unknown

it seems not to like dell PowerEdge servers. i have a R610 and it stops it at a different point then yours and it wont go any farther. I would say stick with like debain or ubuntu and just install the mineos node into it.