Trying to Connect to Unknown ip

I have MineOS TURNKEY running in VirtualBox in an Ubuntu host.

SNORT is monitoring traffic on the host and it gives a level 2 warning:

COMMUNITY SIP TCP/IP message flooding directed to SIP proxy for the MineOS ip.

Netstat on MineOS Turnkey shows:

tcp6 0 52 CLOSE_WAIT 13604/java is my MineOS ip. is listed as being associated with Black Lotus Communications out of Los Angeles.

The only connections I’ve ever made with this server are wget to FTB and apt-get. Neither of which were made yesterday, which is why this struck me as odd. The server has been down for a few days now so I don’t believe it’s any players trying to connect.

Any ideas as to what’s going on?


Just curious, but did you mean that is associated with Black Lotus Comms.? That seems to be more likely. :smile:

You have your internal IP listed as Black Lotus’ as well as yours. Thought it might be a good edit for continuity.

Thanks for noticing that. I changed it.

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