TrueNAS plugin MinecraftOS

Noob Alert. I have TrueNAS Core and MinecraftOS plugin, The problem I’m having is the webui. I can create a server just can’t start it. I know that you have to accept the eula. When i try to click on it, it never turn blue to accept it. I try to edit files and still nothing.


There’s a good chance you need to install a newer Java version in the jail that MineOS is running in since Minecraft 1.18 requires Java 17. Your jail needs to have the openjdk17 package installed. From the TrueNAS CLI you would do something like this:

# iocage list
| JID |      NAME       | STATE |   RELEASE    |      IP4      |
| 1   | folsom          | up    | 12.2-RELEASE | |
| 2   | mineos          | up    | 12.2-RELEASE | |
| 5   | plexmediaserver | up    | 12.2-RELEASE | |

This is just to find the name of your MineOS jail which is probably “mineos” as mine is.

# iocage exec mineos bash
[root@mineos /]#

This command will get you into a shell inside the mineos jail so you can do work in it.

[root@mineos /]# pkg info | grep jdk
openjdk11-jre-11.0.11+9.1      Java Runtime Environment 11
openjdk16-16.0.1+9.1           Java Development Kit 16
openjdk17-17.0.1+12.1          Java Development Kit 17

This will list the Java versions installed. If you don’t see “openjdk17” like I have here, you do have this problem. If you do, then do this:

[root@mineos /]# pkg install openjdk17

Hope this helps.

Thanks for help. It took some time but it’s working. Not sure what I did but I did everything you listed, and google later. Bam. it’s up