Trouble installing MineOS Turnkey

I am unable to install the most recent version of mineos on my Optiplex-760. I have tried using two different USB sticks, reinstalling and uninstalling Rufus, and trying to make the USB a dd image instead of iso. No matter what I try I am left with errormesages on my screen,
hwdb.bin does not exist, pleas run udevadm hwdb --update
FAT-fs (sdb1): IO charset ascil not found mount: mounting /dev/sdb1 on /cdrom failed: Invalid argument
I don’t understand what is not working here. I can’t get to the blue screen to set things up. I originally we going to try and install mineOS on Ubuntu, but I did not understand how to get it working, so I decided to try the turnkey iso, but can’t get the computer to not have these error messages.

I recomend using a standard Ubuntu server or Debian server version first, then adding MineOS on thop using the instruction on the MineOS Wiki

Ruffis has issues with turnkey and anything newer then 2013.

Try using

But I’m also agreeing with iMelsom on using Ubuntu or Debian server and having the mineos webui installed second. But you will need to install Java seperatly and need a ppa to even get it as Java was removed from the default Ubuntu ppas.

Well, Installing MineOS on Debian 10.x and Ubuntu-Server 19 seems to have “at least” two steps, like getting node8 and Java 8 installed and working :confused:

Though It’s pretty easy to fix tbh

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