Transferring Bukkit server from Windows to MineOS, connectivity/server booting issues

Solved my original issue, it runs fine now.

I was wondering, is there a way to run my server log from the Linux command console?

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I would like to know if a live server log in console is possible as well!

[quote=“KlausNOMI, post:1, topic:656”]is there a way to run my server log from the Linux command console?

To run your log? Or to just make it so it is viewable/interactive?

If the latter, type in screen -R (provided there’s only one server running) and it will automatically attach to the server’s console, which is read/write.

You should read up on screen so you can also detach it if you desire to e.g. you’re running more then one server.

I’m just running one server, so that advice helps, thanks.

Another issue has arisen however: after restarting my server computer, the MineOS Web-UI couldn’t start up my server. So I looked at the ‘It’s Not Working’ page and didn’t get any errors when I manually booted, it just started up from the Linux console, while the Web-UI said no servers were running.

This would be all fine and dandy, but I think it isn’t doing the automatic backup/restore point thing anymore (I do not know how to check outside of the UI), and thats worrying. Also, I just really like the simplicity of the Web-UI.