/tmp is filling up all my docker space in Unraid


New here so bare with me, ive succesfully installed a minecraft server with a few forge mods and everything works just fine, but after a week of running the server i find the /tmp directory was using up the container size limit docker has (20gb), had an alert on unraid saying my docker was at 100% full. I have erased the /tmp files for now to let the other dockers run fine but the problem persists.

Why is the /tmp directory creating such big files and what can i do about it?
should i redirect the /tmp to my data share and write a script to delete these files every week or so?

Same problem here. Would love a fix.

MineOS doesn’t write to /tmp, so it must be something related to unRaid, is that likely the case?

Do you run servers that produce files to this destination?

I noticed that some builds of Forge have Java Flight Recorder switched on, might they be writing to /tmp?
If so you can use the command /jfr stop (iirc) but I couldn’t discover a way to switch it off automatically. You could try downloading a different Forge build.

i ended up adding another path for temporary files and just dumping elsewhere