Timestamps on restore points?

I don’t know if this is a bug, but let me explain what I saw and see if that makes sense. I had a mod seriously mess up my world. I installed the mod 8/14, and wanted to go back to a point before the mod, so at least we’d have everything up to that point. I tried reverting back, but to my surprise, the mod was still there (and the things it did in the world). Weird… oh well, maybe it’s just the, the difference between UTC and local time, so I reverted back to a backup from 8/13. No dice, still in there. I had to go back to 8/11 before the mod was finally gone.

What I noticed while looking at the files (I was watching for a specific mod config file in the config folder to know if it was “gone”), is that the timestamp on the backup (in the webui) doesn’t seem to match the files within the backup (looking at it via a samba share, but also confirmed same dates while using shell).

In a more extreme example, I had files with timestamps of 8/21 still showing up in the server that was restored back to late june.

Is that a bug? Should all the files that are restored in a restore point have timestamps earlier than the timestamp of the restore point? Is the backup not working correctly?

I just uploaded this unlisted video for you so hopefully we can figure out what’s going on with these backups.

As best I know, there aren’t any outstanding bugs on the backup/restore operations, so this definitely is worth taking a closer look at.

I watched your video, what I am seeing here is definitely not what I’m seeing in your video (which is what I was expecting). It will probably be a week before I can sit down with the server and actually get you screen prints and whatnot. But let me explain my setup, not sure if this helps or not.

I have two computers running MineOS. One I use for modded servers, one I use for vanilla servers. Since the modded ones tend to freak out more. They are just standalone boxes, running in the basement. Whenever I need to do anything with them, I use my Windows laptop to either: WebUI in, Shell in, or Putty in. I also have the shares connected via Samba so I can drag/drop files easily after I download them.

I thought perhaps there was a disconnect in timstamps either through samba or because the servers are running (I think) UTC time, not local time. However, I confirmed that the timestamps don’t change between samba and when I actually ls the files (via shell). Also, the dates are roughly the same (UTC). I run other apps that rely on UTC time so I can’t really change the computer’s clock.

I figured it if was just UTC, worst case, if I restored a backup timestamped 8/13, it would overwrite everything and the mod from 8/14 would be gone (considering I’m no more than 6 hours behind UTC). But it didn’t.

I wonder if the errors: server can’t keep up, dropped X seconds (I can’t remember exactly what this error says without looking at the logs, but I see them A LOT). Would that be messing up the clock so badly that when the servers make a backup, the clock is way behind (or ahead)?

These servers run 24/7, I reboot them every few weeks. But when I was looking at it yesterday, the clock said the right date/time, so I don’t know how the backups got such a weird timstamp.

I’ll try to get you better info/videos/screenshots, but it’ll have to wait for the weekend. Thanks for all that you do, MineOS is really awesome.