Timer functions for MineOS

An idea more than a feature request really.

As MineOS is used by quite a few parents out there to run one or more minecraft servers for their kids and their kids’ friends, would it be an idea to add some sort of time management system? I was thinking something along the lines of “This server will be available from (time of day) to (time of day) on the given days of the week”.

For parents this would mean that it would be simpler to limit the kids minecrafting.

This would also be a nice function to use for people who want to limit their server availability during times of the day. For example a workplace social server that is not available during office hours (when emplyees should be working not minecrafting).

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That would be a useful feature, maybe even for some adults. Another additional feature along those lines would be a time limit: enable a server for only x minutes/hours.

Isn’t/wasn’t there already such a feature? Crontabs? I believe I’ve seen a crontab/scheduling section which allows for the start, stop, restart, and issuing of server console commands within the web UI unless that’s no longer there (sorry haven’t really kept up with anything for the past few months but am about to get back into it once again)

I’m not sure if the crontabs could start the UI server. I don’t have the experience to launch the server from console as the WebUI is slick and easy to access and use. I’m sure that if a server could be started that way, then crontabs would be a great way to do this. Personally, I find the crontabs confusing.

For a user well versed enough in cron-jobs making MineOS automagically starting, and sending “Stop” messages to, servers would probably be a mroe or less simple thing.

I also do agree with @hexparrot that cron is the best answer for automated tasks.

Then again:
The average base of knowledge of the MineOs adsmines eems to be dropping, and we are gettng an incrasing amount of basic *nix (as related to actually MineOS) realted questions, I thought that removing and autoating the generating of some cron based jobs by a script would be a user friendly thing.